Seedcamp is where Europe’s top young founders can come together in one place.

From securing funding to developing the right network, young entrepreneurs in Europe face challenges in building globally competitive technology businesses. Through the provision of seed capital and a world class network of mentors, we want to provide a catalyst for Europe’s next generation of entrepreneurs.

What we believe

  • Europe has all the right ingredients environment, talent, capital and role models – to build world beating technology businesses
  • It’s hard for young entrepreneurs to secure funding, develop the right connections and build teams to supercharge their business
  • Once a year, we will bring together Europe’s top young founders and a world class network of mentors in one place
  • We will provide seed funding, but more importantly we will expose these teams to the collective experience of people who can help inspire the next generation of Europe’s future serial entrepreneurs Some of the projects and posts we feel close to and which have inspired us:

Paul Graham’s YCombinator

Post on Y Europe can seed

OpenCoffee Club network

Executive Team

Saul Klein

Saul is currently a venture partner at Index Ventures. Before joining Index, he served as the global VP of marketing and e-commerce for Skype (recently purchased by eBay), where he is currently still an advisor. Prior to Skype, Saul co-founded and served as CEO for Video Island, an Index-funded venture that recently merged with LoveFilm to become Europe’s leading online DVD rental and movie download service. For more on Saul’s background please go to

Reshma Sohoni

Reshma joins Seedcamp from the Venture team at 3i. Prior to 3i, Reshma spent over 3 years at Vodafone in their Commercial Strategy team, working across the Europe and Japan footprints in marketing strategy and pricing functions. Reshma started her career in the US in investment banking (Broadview) and venture capital (Softbank). For more on Reshma’s background please go to


Jason Goodman

Jason is Founder and Managing Director at Albion. Albion is one of the UK’s hottest advertising agencies and their Clients include Skype, Innocent Drinks, eBay, Joost, Fon, Blackberry and Dyson. Albion have a strong record in working with entrepreneurial brands and helping build businesses with new approaches to communications. Jason has previous experience gathered in management at BMP DDB and he previously launched interactive marketing agency Tribal DDB. For more on Jason’s background, please go to

Mattias Ljungman

Mattias is the co-founder of Atomico set up together with Niklas Zennstrom (co-founder of Joost, Skype and Kazaa). Atomico is a different kind of early stage investor that exists in the space between angel investors and venture capitalists. Some of Atomico’s investments include Joost,, FON, Technorati and WunderLOOP. Prior to Atomico, Mattias headed up the investment team at CLS Capital Partners, and has worked for strategy consultancy LEK Consulting and Valu-Trac, a fund management company. For more on Mattias’ background, please go to

Robin Klein

Robin has been a significant angel investor in Europe for several years through The Accelerator Group. Robin’s operational expertise comes from having ran and successfully sold three companies: Berda Electric (1976), Salton (1985) and Innovations (1996) and as MD of Arcadia Marketing and Home Shopping. He is currently a director of the following companies: Digivate Ltd, Agent Provocateur Ltd, MooCards Limited, Koodos Ltd, Instant Market Intelligence Ltd, The Moving Service Ltd. For more on Robin’s background please go to

Paul Birch

Paul is a serial internet entrepreneur based in London. He co-founded BirthdayAlarm and helped found Paul’s previous life was as as an accountant (briefly) and Data/Systems analyst. Currently spending almost all his time on Cominded which will launch a range of social networking centric websites. Paul has a wide range of interests which are reflected in his book collection available at librarything. For more on Paul’s background please go to

Sara Murray

Sara’s latest venture is buddi an innovation in personal safety. Sara is a seasoned entrepreneur having started her first business, Ninah Consulting in 1992, which was sold to a Publicis Groupe company in 2002. In 2000, Sara founded, an online insurance marketplace and sold it within 18 months to the Admiral Group. For more on Sara’s background, please go to

Sumon Sadhu

Sumon is passionate in changing the ecosystem for young technology entrereneurs, having founded Imperial Entrepreneurs, Zenopy, and being an alum of Oxford Entrepreneurs. He is also the CEO & Co-founder of Jobably and has consulted on enterprise policy for the UK and Welsh governments. Prior to this, he was part of the team at Library House in Cambridge which delivered the first ever census study of UK venture capital spending. For more on Sumon’s background, please go to

Selection Panel

Andreas Schlenker

Andreas is currently with Partech International in Paris. For more on Andreas’ background please go to

Avid Larizadeh

Avid is currently with Accel Partners in London. For more on Avid’s background please go to

Greg Marsh

Greg is currently with Index Ventures in London. For more on Greg’s background please go to

Irena Goldenberg

Irena is currently with Highland Capital Partners in Geneva. For more on Irena’s background please go to

Nic Brisbourne

Nic is currently with DFJ Esprit in London. For more on Nic’s background please go to and

Olivier Schuepbach

Olivier is currently with Wellington Partners in Germany. For more on Olivier’s background please go to

Paul Fisher

Paul is currently with Advent Ventures in London. For more on Paul’s background please go to and

Pierre Festal

Pierre is currently with Atlas Venture in London. For more on Pierre’s background please go to

Sean Seton-Rogers

Sean is currently with Balderton Capital in London. For more on Sean’s background please go to

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