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First-Minute: TMT.AllThings`13 Warsaw conference, October 24, 2013, Warsaw, Poland.

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TMT.AllThings'13 Warsaw

October 24, 2013

Warsaw Stock Exchange, Książęca 4, 00-498, Warsaw, Poland

09.00 strzalka.jpg 10:00 Registration and welcoming coffee
10:00 strzalka.jpg 10:10  Big welcome and a short presentation of the day's agenda
10:10 strzalka.jpg 10:30 Keynote address by the Special Guest:
Warsaw Stock Exchange as a natural source of support and funding for business innovation.
Beata Kacprzyk | Warsaw Stock Exchange
10:30 strzalka.jpg 11:00 Keynote address by the Special Guest:
Challenges and possible solutions related to Big Data and IoT: open standards, innovation, hardware and software working together.
Bartosz Soroczyński | Oracle Polska
11.00 strzalka.jpg 11:30

Keynote address by the Special Guest:
Internet of Things development in 2014-2020 according to Cisco.

Bartłomiej Michałowski | Cisco

11:30 strzalka.jpg 11:50 Keynote address by the Special Guest:
The facts of Big Data: business value, limitations and barriers, privacy and regulations compliance.
Krzysztof Sobieszek | Nasza Klasa
11:50 strzalka.jpg 12:00

Networking coffee break

  Panel discussion  
12.00 strzalka.jpg 12:50

Internet of things - next stage in the development of Internet

  • Internet of things = big data
  • Innovation adoption according to Gartner
  • Cost factor, time to value, time to market 
  • Consumer and corporate applications and use scenarios
  • Development barriers and privacy threats
  • Privacy by Design, not Disaster

Panel guests:
Maciej Gawroński | Bird&Bird
Wojciech Klicki | Panoptykon
Bartłomiej Michałowski | Cisco
Krzysztof Sobieszek | Nasza Klasa
Bartosz Soroczyński | Oracle Polska
Krzysztof Wacławek | Estimote

  DEMO session
12.50 strzalka.jpg 13:00

Demo 60sec session
Contact the organizer to present your service!

13:00 strzalka.jpg 14:00

Lunch break

14.00 strzalka.jpg 14:20

Silicon Valley perspective on IoT/BD, Techcrunch Disrupt, Polish perspective.

Krzysztof Wacławek | Estimote

  Case studies
14.20 strzalka.jpg 14:40

Case study:
Big Data Credit Scoring by the use of online based technologies and public data available on the internet.
Katarzyna Małolepszy
| Kredito24/Kreditech

14.40 strzalka.jpg 15:00

Customer Experience improvements resulting from BIG DATA gathered from the Internet of Things
Richard Thomas | Outbox

15.00 strzalka.jpg 15:20

Case study:
Medical Services Electronic Registry and BIG DATA: document workflow efficiency, value for the patients, opportunities for better and earlier diagnostics and research leading to new therapies.
Marek Sokołowski | Oracle

15:20 strzalka.jpg 15:40

Coffee break

  Keynotes via Skype
15.40 strzalka.jpg 16:00

Keynote address by the Special Guest:
Internet of Things & Big Data: to regulate or not to regulate?

Maureen K. Ohlhausen (bio) | Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission, USA, focusing on privacy, data protection, and cybersecurity.
16.00 strzalka.jpg 16:20

Keynote address by the Special Guest:
Privacy by Design implementation in Internet of Things and Big Data projects

  • Challenges presented by Internet of Things and Big Data phonomena
  • Privacy by Design: what it is and how to use it?
  • Let's get rid of the "versus" in "privacy vs. utility" and combine it at the product/service development stage
Dr. Ann Cavoukian (bio) | Information & Privacy Commissioner, Ontario, Canada and world authority in the field of 'Privacy by Design (not Disaster)'
  Case studies
16.20 strzalka.jpg 16:40

Case study:
BIG DATA for the Sales Department: case study of Manubia.pl

Konrad Latkowski | PricePanorama

16.40 strzalka.jpg 17:00

Case study:
Big Data techniques in the analysis of the behavior of users of electronic banking systems.
Piotr Dorosz, Maciej Pleśnar | InTENSO

17.00 Conference wrap-up by the event Chairperson

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