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TMT.Ventures’08 Zagreb

October 28, 2008

Hypo EXPO XXI Centre, Zagreb, Croatia

New Europe’s most interesting conference for tech-entrepreneurs, ICT executives and investors

TMT.Ventures'08 Zagreb

Simultaneus translation will be provided during the whole conference

09:00 09:40 Registration and welcoming coffee
09:40 09:50 Welcome speech by the event Chairperson
Is south-eastern Europe the home of the next GLT?
Ondrej Bartos MCI Management
Keynote addresses
09:50 10:20

Keynote address by the Special Guest

WSE: Creating ecosystems supporting entrepreneurship, fundraising and growth opportunities for the Central European fast-growing companies.

Ludwik Sobolewski Warsaw Stock Exchange

10:20 10:45

Keynote address by the Special Guest

The Balkans and Central Europe: a land of opportunity for global VC’s. Ten minute guide for tech entrepreneurs how to build, finance and exit successful startups/companies.

Davor Hebel Fidelity Ventures

10:45 11:10 Keynote address by the Special Guest
Why is south eastern Europe so hot? Why spending here 40 mln Euro makes sense for Poteza Ventures?
Jonathan Cooper Poteza Ventures
11:10 11:30

Keynote address by the Special Guest
Central & Southeastern Europe in 2003 and 2008: now is the right time to make technology investments!
Mario Orasche Eagle Ventures

11:30 12:00

Coffee break

12:00 12:20 Keynote address by the Special Guest
Zemanta: idea, product, seedcamp, expansion. A startup perspective on VC fueled growth
Ales Spetic Zemanta
12:20 12:40 Keynote address by the Special Guest
Investment committee from the inside: simple rules, fast decisions, big money. Who and how decides on the future of our projects?
Tatjana Zabasu
 RSG Capital
12:40 13:00 Keynote address by the Special Guest
Business across EU borders: legal matters to keep in mind
Andrzej Krasuski 
CMS Cameron McKenna
13:00 14:00

Lunch break & preparation for the ‘7 minutes’ contest /Jury and contest teams briefing/

‘7 minutes’ contest 
14:00 15:30 Presentations of 7minutes contest Finalists. Award ceremony.

‘7minutes’ is a unique competition for innovative entrepreneurs and their projects from the space of telco, new media and new technologies. It is an express elevator up to the community of investors and experienced businesspeople with decision-making power whose recommendations and support are like rocket fuel for the projects aimed in the right direction.

Contest Finalists:

Vedran Prazen, Project: mobiEXPLORE
Denis Kotlar, Project: Renzoo
Viktor Marohnic, Project: ShoutEm
Stevan Majstorović, Project: DataMeal
Ugljesa Vrcelj, Project: AccrediNET

Chairman of the Contest Jury:

Ondrej Bartos MCI Management

Contest Jury Members:

Jonathan Cooper Poteza Ventures

Davor Hebel Fidelity Ventures

Dan Lupu Intel Capital

Ante Mamic BICRO

Ivana Marsić APIU

Mario Orasche Eagle Ventures

Vjenceslav Terzić Quaestus Private Equity

Danilo Volmut Raiffeisen Investment AG

Tatjana Zabasu RSG Capital

Panel discussion
15:30 16:00 Collective wisdom of the contest Jury

  • Opposite of success is not failure, it’s not trying
  • Learning from other people’s mistakes
  • Building on your strenghts
  • Talking to other people’s money
16:00 16:20 Coffee break
16:20 16:40 Keynote address by the Special Guest
Money for your dream, funding great projects, and building regional markets… The ultimate win-win-win
Adeo Ressi
16:40 17:00 Keynote address by the Special Guest
Opportunities in Online advertising in CEE
Aljosa Jenko
17:00 17:20 Keynote address by the Special Guest
Investing in data, video and voice services in Croatia
Željko Lukač
Panel discussion
17:20 18:20 Success stories from the Balkans: turning dreams into business

  • It’s good to know people who know people
  • Teamwork saves time and money
  • Inspire people, get their support
  • The right strategy is always looking for the better strategy


Jonathan Cooper Poteza Ventures


Ales Spetic Zemanta, Slovenia

Ilija Studen activeCollab, Serbia

Marko Vojković, Croatia

Maja Jelisić Mobitel, Croatia

Nenad Bakić entrepreneur,, Croatia

Stanislav Prusac Polar, Croatia

18:20 18:30 Conference wrap-up by the event Chairperson

Off record mixer for conference participants at the SPOON Café Bar & Restaurant

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