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Another New Europe’s exciting conference for tech-entrepreneurs, investors and new media and technology executives - TMT.Buyouts’09 Warsaw - was held on November 25th at the Warsaw Stock Exchange HQ, Poland. 

After the conference...

TMT.Communities’09 Warsaw

If you often reach for your Blackberry, iPhone or G1 to check new e-mails, use GPS, Google Maps or Twitter – you may be infected with Generation C syndrome. If your favorite application if Firefox or even IE and you cannot imagine your life without Skype, Last.fm, social networking and torrents – you most definitely are infected. Bad news: there’s no cure. Good news: there’s more people like you. It’s the only real pandemic out there.

What is Generation C? It’s a group of people all over the world aged 15 to 45 choosing a digitally-enhanced lifestyle and thus empowering hardware, application and service providers but also grassroots organizations like creative commons or Piratbyrån. In the world of Generation C it’s all about content, communication and cooperation. And since the content is digital it doesn’t exist without a proper medium and your favorite device. It all ads up to a digital world where people are the most important component individually and form powerfull and influencial communities all together.

Generation C exerts enormous pressure on different content, telco and other service industries. What is the future of copyrights, what are tommorrows monetization models. Is the internet and media industry going to evolve providing on-demand services or are the users going to provide them to themselves leaving the intermediaries out? And breaking the law in the process?

Let’s discuss these issues on June 18th, 2009 during TMT.Communities’09 Warsaw conference in the Warsaw Stock Exchange HQ.

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Who should attend?

  • Innovative entrepreneurs and ICT executives from the internet and mobile industry
  • CEO’s of Central European internet, mobile & new media companies
  • Web 2.0 enthusiasts and Technology start-ups from Central Europe
  • Investment Funds (PE, VC), Incubators, Business Angels, Technology Parks Represenatives in search of Global Leaders of Tomorrow
  • Bloggers, Media Representatives and Opinion Leaders
  • Technology Enthusiasts such as Scientists, Engineers, professional managers in search of great opportunities
  • Executives of the companies developing communities & social networking tools or using it in their businesses

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